To Sell your items Visit our ‘List Items for Sale’ Page! 


We get it. We’re equestrians too. And if you’re anything like us you probably have a tack box, trailer closet, bed of a truck, or backseat of a car full of things you no longer use. So, instead of letting them collect dust, let them collect some money.

Sell them here. It couldn’t be easier.

Or perhaps you’re a crafty equestrian. Do you make custom polo wraps, embroidered saddle pads, colorful brow bands, tail woven bracelets, or wood burned barn signs? Go you! Sell your products your way. When you upload your items to your MarketEquine store we introduce you to a marketplace full of equestrian shoppers!

So, get creative. We’ll take care of the nitty-gritty.


What are the next steps?

  1. Once you’ve listed the items you want to sell on our List Items For Sale Page please take a moment to visit our Guidelines for Buyers and Sellers  Page. This page is very helpful for buyers and sellers.
  2. We will help market your items for you. When your items’ sell, box them up and ship it out!
  3. Collect your money in your PayPal Account!

It is 100% free to list the items you want to sell. You won’t pay a dime! MarketEquine only gets paid a small percentage (10%) when your items’ sell.

If your items don’t sell, no problem, keep the items on the marketplace as long as you like.

Guidelines for Buyers and Sellers