Sun Tzu Specialty of War – Specialized Apparatuses

As per the Book on Military Organization, “In fights, as verbal correspondence can’t be heard plainly, cymbals and drums are utilized as orders” As visual correspondence and eye to eye connection are hampered, standards and banners are utilized as signs. Presently the reason for utilizing cymbals, drums, banners and pennants is to draw consideration of the soldiers and center them for battle under the course of the officer. When the soldiers are joined as one body, the brave ones won’t advance forward without anyone else and the weak ones won’t retreat without anyone else. This is the craft of coordinating larges powers in fights. – Section Seven, Sun Tzu Specialty of War

For fights around evening time, utilize more lights and drums. For fights in the day, utilize more pennants and banners. These various methods for correspondence can be intended to impact the judgment of the adversary. – Section Seven, Sun Tzu Craft of War

As referenced above, during day tasks more standards and banners ought to be utilized for correspondence and during night activities, drums and lights ought to be utilized. From here we can perceive how perceptive Sun Tzu is. He even noted down what sort of correspondence we should use during each fight, obviously the rundown of instruments referenced isn’t comprehensive, correspondence channels ought to rely upon the landscape too. For instance, on the off chance that you are in a level landscape, a bigger standard (daytime) or firecrackers (night) ought to be utilized for correspondence since they can pass on exact messages, on the off chance that you have clarified precisely what every sign implied. In any case, note here is that your signs, not apparatuses, ought to resemble your technique, it should change with each fight. On the off chance that you have a fixed type of correspondence signs, sometime, your foe will have the option to interpret them and that is would almost certainly be the consequence of your thrashing. This clarifies why Sun Tzu said the methods for correspondence can be utilized to impact the adversary.

Business Application

Correspondence is significant in business. Correspondence breakdown can be negative to a business, such as losing a major customer or moderate response to an adversary’s turn. With a solid comprehension of every specialized instruments shortcoming and quality would you at that point have the option to utilize it furthering your potential benefit. Great correspondence framework can allow an organization extraordinary adaptability, shorter response time and quicker reaction. It is like a water system framework. With great legitimate control arrangement of the stream, exact measure of water, water streaming to the perfect spot, the fields will thrive as a result of it. These are capacities that are amazingly important right now condition. A few types of correspondence stations are email, letters, web delivery person, phone, web communication or video conferencing and eye to eye. I will discuss their use inside the organization. If it’s not too much trouble observe that having the best possible specialized instruments is just a single part of a decent correspondence framework however.


Email could be formal or casual, these days in light of the corporate cheats that occurred in US, organizations are currently required to keep a duplicate of all the messages that are conveyed to inside and outside the organization. Messages doesn’t request quick reaction from the beneficiaries. It very well may be secure if the security framework’s rule and use is carefully hold fast to. Email is a modest method for sending data and archives inside the organization and these data can be put away electronically in this manner cost investment funds emerge from these trademark. However, one defeat of correspondence is feelings are not appropriately passed on out. Messages would be appropriate for obvious directions or data that doesn’t require prompt consideration and ideally inside an office. Modest in light of the fact that can move with least expenses all through organization regardless of whether abroad. It is inclined to innovation dangers.


What is portrayed here are paper letters sent starting with one office then onto the next. It is possibly required when you need to formalize a solicitation or a work request. Be that as it may, this sort of correspondence is gradually being taken over by email. Letters are more concrete than email in light of the fact that electronic records are generally exposed to doubt of altering or evolving. Letter has indistinguishable attributes from that of the email however since it is substantial, it isn’t care for email where you can deny you have gotten it.. Security savvy, it could be preferable or more awful over email contingent upon circumstances. It could be exorbitant in the event that you have to send it abroad. It is more dependable than electronic method of correspondence.

Web Delivery person (Texting)

With the well known utilization of web, web detachment like ICQ, MSN Delegate and Yippee Courier are being advanced, it permits quick hand-off of data and these days these dispatchers have the abilities to assist you with knowing whether the individual on the opposite end is near or not. Be that as it may, once more, it does not have the exchange of feelings. The voice and tone of your message can’t be conveyed through the delivery person, even with emojis, misconception can in any case happen. What you conveyed could be in a tone of offering assistance like “What do you need me to do?” However others in the wake of perusing the message may decipher, you are irate with him for accomplishing something. However, Web emissary has its stars too, it could be utilized as a channel for casual conversation inside the organization since a portion of these errand people can permit different clients in a solitary talk windows. Also, it is modest since a large portion of them are free and data can be moved abroad economically. It is inclined to innovation dangers.


Contrast with different modes that are referenced, it is a generally better channel of correspondence. Since your tonality, voice characteristics are additionally transmitted lessening the opportunity of your message being misjudged. In any case, it comes up short on another correspondence trademark that is significant and that is non-verbal communication. It unquestionably requests quick reaction since you can possibly convey when the beneficiary is on the opposite side simultaneously. However, it tends to be extravagant on the off chance that you have to convey abroad. Also, unwavering quality ought to be better than any electronic channel since this industry has been around for quite a while.

Web Communication and Video Conferencing

Web communication is gradually turning out to be famous in light of the fact that SMEs and MNCs can make abroad call inexpensively. This additionally incorporates video conferencing, which is made progressively mainstream with the commonness of broadband. It has all the attributes of phone, with video conferencing being better since non-verbal communication, somewhat, can be passed on too. In any case, unwavering quality could be an issue contingent upon the framework and specialist organization accessible on the two sides. Setting it up is modest with a web camera and broadband association.

Up close and personal

Up till now, this is the best type of correspondence, the main drawback is you in spite of the fact that you can watch and get the full signals from your discussion party, something very similar can be said for the other party too.

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